TICN Disaster

"Here's How Owen O'Malley and His Partner Ana Rodríguez Garcia Are Ruthlesly Wiping Out Hundreds of Thousands of Hard Earned Money Invested by Innocent People"

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Ex-Members of TICN Speaks!


Dear hopeful investor,

If you came across this page, you’re probably looking for more information about The Investment Club Network (TICN), or it’s leaders Owen O’Malley and Ana Rodríguez García.

You might have been promised a safe, guaranteed way into your financial future. You were told that this organization operates so magically throughout financial world, that in last some years they have never (!) had a losing trade. That you can generate 5-7% returns per month… the more you will invest, the more you will gain… You might even seen PowerPoint slides, where you saw how ‘well‘ TICN performed in the past?


If this is so, then we’re sorry to say – you were LIED.

We’ve been there. We trusted that same approach used on us as well. We took a chance, we dreamed, we hoped… and so we burned, in the very end.

This is our story. Just an honest and open sharing with the world, what we have experienced with TICN.

We hope it helps for anyone to never go through such financial nightmares, as we have gone through.

Dear ex-member of TICN,

If you’re reading this, then you must be very well familiar with the approach described in earlier paragraphs.

How did you come across TICN? Did someone tell you about this miraculous way of making money? Have you witnessed some real results from someone’s real accounts? And you were told, “It was so easy!”?

Or maybe you saw Owen speaking live in a public? Were you too blown away by having him generously offering his phone number, his time, to help you make the best decision for you?

“Don’t you worry (!), just test us for the next 6 months, earn money, get some easy cash, see how it feels, and then decide” approach… would that be right?

Or was it an opportunity for you to become a leader, to guide your friends, your family (the world!) into financially happy life, that got you in?

How much did you invest? But most importantly, how much did you end up losing? 50%? 80% or even 90% of your account’s value, like the rest of us? If you’ve been around since May 2015, then surely you have lost money… and lots.

Accounts of every single TICN club got wiped-out, massively reduced in sizes. How many sleepless nights did you have to go through in venture this, as a result?

Let us uncover the full story here, exactly as it happened. No guilt, no feeling ashamed. It’s NOT our fault.

We have been cheated and dangerously misguided. Our money, and money of our families were used to benefit someone else.

Today, sharing it with others those eye-opening facts, your honest views and experiences exactly how it happened – that much at least for sure, we all can do.

Not just to speak of our pain, but to also help someone out there, not to get caught in this financial slaughter, ever again. How much the information on this page would be worth to you now, if only this was made available to you before you joined TICN? Before you lost your money, as a result?

Your Support Is Needed!


Imagine a family person, a honest hard-working man, who once came across an organization called TICN. He trusted, so he put most of his money down on a table… just to watch it all go up in smoke, in few short months.

All of his life’s savings! He could not understand… HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? No job, and now – no money… this promised venture was his only hope! His family…

“Oh God! What will I do now?”  He cried… No money, no more hope. His devastated wife… his kids…

He could not bear this thought for any longer… A suicidal case was present there, and just around the corner…

What If?..

devastated_ticn_memberSure, you may say, this could be just some made-up story. But really, think, what if this was a real one?

How many people in the past paid in $25,000 (or even more) from their savings and lost most of it, thanks to so called ‘investment clubs’ such as TICN?

How many more are there to experience those drastic losses in a future again?

We know, it wasn’t a first time for such disastrous wipe-out of people’s money to occur. We also know that Owen with his partner Ana are out there today, hunting for more.

So maybe it is that time NOW, for us to come together, those who we were betrayed, by having been promised us the world, ‘safe-heaven‘ and ‘financial future‘! Or so they said…

the Investment club network painful experienceWe listened, believed, we hoped… Kept hearing stories about ‘the stock is at significant support’… while watching hopelessly our invested money melting down, with every single day…

And so we suffered, in the very end.

We’ve spent many stressful, sleepless nights. WHILE ‘experts’ Owen & Ana were enjoying the money of their clubs banked in by them many days, weeks, and months ago. Traveling around the world, Brazil and other places; attending costly seminars, events; trying get close to some big names, get even more exposure to the world, and earn some fame.

Is it a time for us to come together now and help stop this financial game, so dangerous for many others?

We hope it is. But first, let us answer this important question:

How Could We Ever Let This Happen To Us?

ana_rodriguez_and_owen_omalley_ticnA Trust. It happened to us because we trusted. Trusted the ‘experience of some 20 years’, and a person who seems to be a public figure. Who wouldn’t fall for it?

See, Owen gains his own wealth, and wealth for his broker-friends, by simply using trust and money of innocent people, newbies to the investment world.

Can it true? Well, you will have to decide. We are here to simply share everything we came to experience with TICN, as we have nothing to hide and we have nothing more to lose.

The Hard-to-Believe Proof Revealed


TICN (The Investment Club Network based in Ireland) scam-claims this “organization teaches proven investment strategies and TICN is devoted to the growth of investment clubs world-wide.”

REAL STORY: On June 25th 2015 our club, guided by Owen O’Malley and his partner Ana Rodríguez García, invested $179,704… just to watch the balance go down to $25,471 by Aug 20th 2015. That’s a hefty 85.64% loss in less than 2 months!

Here is a proof, screenshots taken from our account:

ticn scam club disaster

On the same day, during our first club meeting where 9 hopeful, complete newbies guided by Owen and Ana who came presenting a limited selection of companies to invest in, and happily placed trades for a club (Ana Rodriguez was an official Trader of a club)… 3 stocks in Technology and 3 in ever since dangerously falling Oil stocks.

ticn company scam and club disaster

We’ve Had MOST Of Our Money Put Into Poorly Diversified, High-Risk Stocks Right From Our Very Start!

Two weeks later our account value went down 36% to $114,904.

When during the next club’s meeting some of us confronted Owen and Ana asking for explanation and how is this possible, we were calmly told that, “It’s all good, don’t worry, there is no need to panic. This is how Warren Buffet also invests (??). You people cannot understand it today simply because you haven’t done any education. Go read ValueLine reports, it will give you confidence”. 

ticn investment club

No education?? Just take a look at the next screenshot: the ‘educated expert with 20 years of experience’ got couple more Oil stocks into our portfolio! Together with some other losers…

ticn brasil clubs

In a Mean Time, Here Is What Was Happening In a Real World… but Somehow Owen O’Malley Was BLIND to SEE IT!

Here are the real-time charts clearly demonstrating what was happening in markets during that same period when TICN proudly presented their clubs with ‘safe-heaven’ stocks to invest in.

the investment club network ireland

(if you want to see the disastrous performance of all trades, simply visit Finviz.com and type in trade symbols seen in screenshots. These were ALL losers!)

We’re just a little over one month later, and this is how our club’s account continued to perform:

ticn slide101


Such Disastrously Insane Results Are Possible Only When You Are Using 100% Margin (Trading OPTIONS!), Having 80% of Portfolio Invested In 6-8 (!) Super High-Risk Trades, Without ANY Money Management & ZERO Risk Control Strategies In Place!

We kept receiving margin call, after margin call, after margin call… TrackData brokers went on closing any positions they wanted to close just to get their money back, while Owen and Ana did little about.

Finally, completely beaten up, in less than 2 months time, we ended up here:

owen ticn slide11

By the time all position were closed out and funds withdrawals completed, our final remaining figure was actually just a little over $20,000… that’s enormous, mind-blowing 88.7% LOSS!

Here is full activity of our club’s account enclosed, black on white:


If you’ve encountered losses with TICN and you hold proof which you’d like to share with us to help support this campaign, please submit by emailing. We will create a master file and will make it available on this webpage for everyone to see. Any sensitive information would be removed and only facts telling a story would remain.

Please, shed some light on us…

How Can Anything You Just Witnessed Be a Safe, Long-Term Investment Strategy?

In a minute, we’ll share with you exactly what happened here, how TICN operates, how Owen makes money and why they would allow for anything as such disastrous to occur.

But just before we go into those details:

What do you think was most challenging and frustrating to deal with during this entire experience?

It was repeatedly hearing, “You are all simply uneducated, you do not have a clue what’s going on here, everything is fine, markets are at significant support, the stocks are to rebounce any day now, you just need to be patient, and you will be making a lot of money soon, trust us.”  Yuck!

The whole world was screaming at a time that markets, especially oil industry, are very fragile. Just look at those charts, a child could tell there is obviously something wrong going on here, so how come the leaders of the club with 20 years experience could not see it??

Furthermore, it wasn’t just our club who encountered such irresponsible mismanagement of our accounts. During that same period TICN has had a number of other clubs going through same nightmares as well. Altogether, we estimate, all clubs took on losses of $1,000,000+ in total.

This financial slaughter of innocent, new to investment world people was not stopped by TICN leaders Owen O’Malley and Ana Rodríguez.

So really, how was any of it possible? What happened?


The ‘Safe’ Strategy Uncovered

Please read carefully until you clearly understand how money are made at TICN, and who really this business model is designed to benefit (hint: it’s NOT you).


  • Owen and Ana go out to the public and attracts new members. Or new members get introduced by (unaware what’s soon to happen) friends and family members, who are currently enjoying (temporary!) success at TICN.
  • New members (usually complete beginners with little or no investment experience at all) joins a Metal club, and invests $25,000 each (or as much as club’s leader allows, but suggested start-up investment is $25K)


  • If 5-7 members joins a club, this equals $125,000-$175,000 of invested capital (TICN rules allows 19 members per club, we’re using 5-7 just as a very conservative number. Usually there are more members in a club)
  • TICN encourages the club to also make use of margin, ‘generously‘ offered by company’s partners, TrackData brokers. This allows for a club to add another $125,000-$175,000 on top of initially invested capital (so now we end up having $250-$350K in the account in total).

NOTE: from our experience, the use of margin is a never-discussed topic. 100% margin was made available to us as soon as we’ve opened our account (in other words, it’s a debt to match 100% your start-up capital). Hence, from day 1 we ended up being indebted to TICN and their friends, TrackData brokers. This debt was immediately used by Owen and Ana to buy those dangerously large positions.

  • Say we have 10 such Metal clubs. This equals to $1.25-1.75 mln of initially invested capital available in cash + add-on of another $1.25-1.75 mln in a form of margin (that’s $2.5-$3.5 mln throughout 10 clubs in total)

NOTE: the actual number of all clubs is actually more. Again, we use a number of 10 just to be very conservative. However, some heard Owen proudly saying that they once had 1,500 clubs. When asked where are all these clubs now, you will be told that, “These stupid people would come to only reach their objectives, to buy a car or house, without realizing the long-term potentials with TICN. They’ll leave as soon as those objectives are met.”

When you have to watch your account’s value going down 90% in it’s value, these long-term potentials are for who, exactly? We let you to come up with your answer. Today we know why those poor people are here no more: they simply lost most of their money! They took whatever was there left, then walked away and never looked back.

1,500 clubs… how many people is that to have already suffered?


  • Extremely dangerous options trading strategies are implemented (without ANY money management and ZERO risk control strategies in place) that does wonders in a bull market (when stock prices go up) but leads into a complete disaster during a bear market (when stock prices go down).
  • If a club is lucky to start trading during a bull market period, it will generate some money fast. Everyone is happy and hopeful.
  • 3 months later TICN takes 50% of all profits generated by clubs (assuming there are profits). These are fees that belong to company, as per agreement everyone has to sign before joining a club. A small percentage of those profits goes to a club leader, but most of that sum goes to TICN.
  • The club might continue with success for few more months, maybe even a year. TICN keeps banking in 50% (minus small % to a club leader) every 3 months, as how it goes.
  • Simple, calculation using a 1 year’s time frame as an example: 1 year later, at 60% annual ROI rate (which is possible using risky investment strategies), all lucky clubs generates $1.5-$2 mln in profits. Everyone is really excited! Big dreams and even more hopes.


  • Sooner or later (unavoidably!) markets start going against the clubs. Members lose money, chaos starts, lots of pain and panic kicks in. When this stressful beating becomes too much to handle, majority leave with large losses (and useless education materials sitting on a shelf).

As you can see, the situation is little concern to Owen O’Malley as by that time TICN have already banked in $750K-$1mln+ in profits, sitting safely in company’s account.

Clever Add-ons to The Strategy

Normal Clubs:

There is also an option for other members to join a Normal club, where they can invest as little as 110 EUR per month to grow their account with minimum start-up balance, in a group of other like-minded hopeful investors.

Normal clubs can be run by anyone who has completed TICN education, which makes one to be classified as an experienced trader and qualifies one to become a leader of a club.

TICN does not benefit much financially from Normal clubs. The responsibility of a Normal club lies mainly on shoulders of a club leader (who is supposed to get paid for these efforts, but as far as we know, hardly any leader of a Normal club have ever seen those promised monies).

What’s next from here? Well, if you’ve witnessed some growth on your small trading account, and if you have  extra cash sitting in your savings account, would you not be tempted to make use of those money and go for a Metal club where you could be getting 5% returns per month, instead of 1% returns per year from your savings account? You bet!

So a Normal club is just a clever (affordable for many) path designed to guide members into the Metal club. And this is where TICN starts creating its own wealth, while you, most likely, sooner or later will end up losing most of yours.

‘TICN Education’:

On top of all mentioned, TICN will charge members 2,000 EUR for education (which is a MUST), and is to be purchased within first 6 months of joining a club.

We’ve put ‘ TICN education’ in brackets because, funny enough, Owen himself is not using strategies and techniques he teaches in his own education.

Sure, TICN might have right things outlined on a paper, but with all clubs under Owen’s guidance losing so much money and going broke, the truth is obvious: those results speak for themselves.

We hope we were able to provide with clear explanation and solid facts to demonstrate how TICN is making money, who this business model is designed to benefit in a real life, and why Owen O’Malley just doesn’t care about people going through those ridiculously insane losses.

Talking about that man, as if these facts are not yet enough…

Our Following Discovery Is If Not Breath-Taking, Then Simply Shocking

Here is a comment which can be found on Ana’s Facebook page. Take a close look at the date:

Ana Rodríguez García TICN launch in Brazil San Paulo

What’s shocking about it, one may ask?

The fact that during this same public event in Sau Paulo, Brazil, standing in front of few thousand people, Owen O’Malley pulled out his PowerPoint presentation, and showed it to everyone in that large room how well his clubs are performing. Slides with charts were used to demonstrate those points.

Now, if to take a look at dates displayed in screenshots taken from our accounts, you will notice that at a time when Owen was up on that stage, publicly lying to hundreds of people about performance of his business, the rest of us here were bleeding dry, going absolutely mad and desperate witnessing our accounts having lost 75% of it’s value already, and hopelessly watching our money keep going down, lower and lower with every single day…

This latest performance was deliberately excluded from TICN presentation, just to hide the real story!

Are we finally getting the picture who we are really dealing here with?

Seriously, how far can one go trying to achieve one’s own personal goals? How low, as a human being one can be, to do this to another human… and do it to the masses?  How many more people will need to suffer, lose their money, before someone’s greed and need to feel famous will be satisfied?

We leave the judgment to the others… we simply could not believe our eyes when we came across this shocking discovery.

To Say It Frankly


Whatever TICN claims on their website, it’s an absolute BIG LIE.

You can do your own calculations upside-down, but you will always come up with the same results: [black_tick_list width=”100%”]

  • How much do TICN invest in clubs? ZERO.
  • How much do members invest? $25K each, or if 10 clubs that’s $1.25-1.75 mln
  • What is a risk that TICN take on? ZERO in cash. Some of their time.
  • How much people in clubs, sooner or later, come to LOSE? 80-90% of their invested capital.
  • In a mean time, how much does TICN gain? From same 1 year’s example used above – $750K-$1mln+
  • How many people purchase the 2,000 EUR education during that year? 20? 30? 50? Take a guess!
  • Anyone else could have benefited here? Yes, TrackData brokers who are partners with TICN.

This is how TICN are making money: quietly, very safely (for themselves), while everyone else is put at HUGE risk of losing 80-90% of theirs.

A name for such strategy?

From our experience – when you invest $25,000 of your hard earned money into something you were made to believe in, and you’re pulling back less than $5,000 just two months later… how would you call it? Nothing else but a word ‘CON‘ comes to our mind. And it’s a very painful one to go through, indeed.

What’s even worse: what if you’ve had invited a group of people to come along – your close friends, your family members, everyone you care about? And when everyone ends up losing most of their savings, after all, how would you be looking into the eyes of those dear to you, who trusted, followed you? Quite a few had to go through this experience here as well.

And its just plain wrong.

So finally, after all, the only question that still comes to our mind today, is this:

Who would we have been better trusting our money?

owen o malley ireland ticn

If only we knew…

THAT Time To Share

It is that time now, to simply share:

  • Take our responsibility;
  • Say what we need to say;
  • Share who we need to share it with.

To help stop this irresponsible financial slaughter of every person out here, and never let it happen anymore. Not to continue any further. For no one. Never again.

Our Ways To Share

So many really. Here are just some suggestions:

  • RipOffReport.com, a website which could help attract the media, a consumer advocate, lawyer or government authorities to help further this cause, or to help with further investigation against TICN.
  • Central Bank of Ireland, where any unauthorized firms operating from Ireland can be reported.
  • SEC.gov, where investor complains can be made in regards to US related investments (TrackData is US based Federal Trade Commission https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov website, submitting details here could be also helpful.
  • MoneySmart website, scam reporting if you’re based in Australia.
  • Medium.com, where you can submit an article with your points of view. Here is an example.
  • Use Google to find more sources for your location (just type in ‘scam reporting’, ‘fraud reporting’, etc)
  • Share your own story in comments box made available below.
  • And of course, most powerful – social media sharing:

Share This Page”

We Can Stop This!


There is so much we can do to help fight fraudsters, indeed!

If we just do something little from our part, just a paragraph in commenting or social sharing… then who knows who this page will be reaching out there? It could be someone who is just so right for all of us! Not to only help stop lives of innocent people being financially wrecked again in future, but maybe to even claim some of those losses which we’ve encountered with TICN.

If we don’t try, we’ll never know.

And if you are just a visitor, a hopeful investor who came across this page while looking for information about TICN, we hope you found it useful.

We hope that you’re not feeling being influenced negatively in any way. The purpose of this page is not to suggest to anyone what one should or shouldn’t do from here. We went through hell, to say it frankly. We did come out of it, however. Not only to survive, but to also take our responsibility and share it with the world. So that you, or anyone else reading this, at least you have an opportunity to hear the other side of TICN as well, instead of being limited to just one story you may have heard elsewhere, until today.

We wish something like this page was made available for us when we were doing our research before joining TICN disaster. There wasn’t then, but now there is.

So here, we shared. The rest we leave in hands of those who care.

If you support and care for others, please join in sharing…


P.S. If you have any questions, or if you have any suggestions how to improve this site, do let us know.

If there is anything you might know that could help raise the awareness about this campaign, to help prevent others from losing more money and assure that no more people will ever get financially hurt by disastrous TICN investment strategies, to help stop these irresponsible and dangerous activities by leaders Owen O’Malley & Ana Rodríguez García, then please contact us on [email protected].

Your help and participation is always appreciated!

If you’ve encountered losses with TICN and you hold proof which you’d like to share with us to help support this campaign, please submit by emailing. We will create a master file and will make it available on this webpage for everyone to see. Any sensitive information would be removed and only facts telling a story would remain


This webpage is under no ways associated with any organization or anything that could be of a competitive nature to TICN. We hold no other mutual benefit, apart from just sharing our story, our devastating, very painful and financially disastrous experience with TICN. The purpose of this page is to HELP PREVENT OTHER PEOPLE FROM LOSING MORE MONEY by simply raising social awareness about irresponsible & extremely dangerous TICN investment strategies, and what it really does to people. We share everything we have, and hold nothing behind. We give our personal findings and plain facts, as how we came to experience it through our eyes (and pockets).

We apologize if any words written, or our way of sharing offended you in any way. Or if, whatever we had to go through in this venture does not exactly reflect your personal experience with TICN. We are aware that some people, even after losing 80-90% of their account’s value, they still chose to stay with TICN.

Some decided to stay because they did not see any other options available, for themselves or their loved ones, to recover those huge losses; others stayed in but took firm decisions to operate on their own, taking no more guidance from Owen, or TICN; some, we know, were promised a part of the business, opportunities to grow and expand their own network making the use of TICN tools and strategies. Hence they became strong supporters of Owen, and his teachings. They sure stayed; others simply felt lost, confused and hence fell under Owen’s influence. They were talked back into staying; the majority, however, left TICN for good. Some members left for other organizations, investment clubs, seeking for ways to recover their losses elsewhere; some of us stepped out from investment world altogether, discouraged by this ruthless experience, totally devastated and heartbroken. Those who walked away, left with a lesson for a lifetime, and will never look back.

As for all of us –  we all lost money. For most of us – it will take years to recover those losses. For some, these will never be recovered again.

46 thoughts on “TICN Disaster”

  1. I am a former ticn member. I started with $84500 in Feb of 2014. This was not in a club but in my own trading account at Mytrack data. Using the techniques that Owen taught me and my own investment experience I gradually built up my portfolio to about $115’000 by May of 2015. I thought I was doing really well and by using stop losses I felt fairly secure that any PUTS I had sold would be fine and not burn me if the underlying stocks dropped and bt rolling them forward I could make income and still benefit from selling the volatility in those PUTS so that ultimately the income from those options would pay for the stock even if they I had to take delivery of them. What I didn’t realize was the extent to which options can go against me if a stock drops in value significantly. During the summer of 2015 as the oil stocks crashed, I found myself losing account value. I wasn’t too worried because being what I was thought at the time an astute investor , I managed to close out many of my positions at a profit which mitigated to some extent the paper losses I was making on some of my other positions. However by the middle of July my account had fallen from 115K to about 80K which basically had wiped out all the gains I had made the previous 18 months. I started to get concerned. At the time, Owen was telling us not to worry “What comes down, must go up”. “A rising tide raises all ships” or some similar ridiculous rhetoric and we could simply roll our positions forward. So I continued to have confidence in my ability to trade my way out of this “temporary” set back. I consequently started rolling my puts forward to November, December and some to January. Having confidence that the shares would recover and my account position would go back up again. No such luck! my account position continued dropping and went down to $55’000. this was the beginning of July and I started to serious do some calculations based on “what if” the stocks keep dropping. At this point I realized that if I kept holding on to the options I could quite easily be wiped out and even owe money to cover them. So I bought back most of my positions and realized the losses. That was hard to do because in the back of my mind a little voice was saying “what if this is really the bottom – you will look like a complete fool” As it turned most of my positions did get worse especially LINE, CHK, NBR. I bought back LINE when it hit $6.50, if I had not I would have lost another $10000 on that one PUT position alone!

    I totally understand how many of the clubs would be wiped out if they held on in vain hope of a recovery. So I survived and could sleep at night again. What really upset me was hearing the horrors stories of others at TICN who were affected even more than myself. I was able to survive because I did have some experience of options and knew they are risky and took profits very early before the stock dropped in July. The thing that really threw me was the rate at which options can destroy an account and the fact that the company that I now understand was in cahoots with Owen took away the ability to put in automatic trades to our minimize losses. BTW we were promised these features would be made available, which turns out to be a lie or at least never intended to be added. This trading feature which I had been using up until May this year kept me from making unintended losses. But due to the fact. On the advice of friend I moved my account away from Mytrack to Interactive Brokers which is not only offering cheaper rates but is a much better platform in my opinion. I have been completely traumatized by the events that unfolded at TICN this summer of 2015. The more I have found out about Owen and the things he does the more applied I have become and I believe it is my karmic duty to inform potential investors about him so that they can make their own minds up and won’t lose some if not all their money by using this risky put selling strategy.

  2. I’d like to add that one of the things I have noticed most scam artists have in common is they make it appear as if THEY are doing YOU ad BIG FAVOR and it feels so good because they prey on the most basic human emotion which is the feeling “being appreciated” as you feel valuable and what better way to make someone feel good but to offer them something. That is the hook. Once one looks beneath the surface and uncovers the truth, one realizes that the opposite is true. We are the ones wanted: We are doing them a favor and in the case of TICN they are making a lot of money from us. This make total sense and is the one thing that is true in this world. We are being programmed, recruited, co-opted or whatever word we wish to use, We are enriching in money terms people like Owen O’Malley. The world has not changed – it has always been this way and people like Owen will always be with us tempting us with their silver tongued rhetoric. Such is life, so we move on a little wiser to their tricks. Kicking ourself for being duped. But you know what?I feel sorry for that little man, yes he will most likely get away with it, and even convince himself he is a good person and all these people who lost money are fools and stupid for not sticking with him.

  3. Our club is still part of TICN. We too followed what turned out to be poor advice from Owen and have calked up considerable losses, though not as bad as other clubs because we decided not to follow all he said and were more conservative. That’s the point I want to make. It is easy to blame everything on Owen and TICN, but aren’t these clubs set up as democratic systems in which every decision is voted on and approved by the majority of the club members? That’s how our club works, in any case. If that is so, despite poor advice, if we lost money, then that was also due to our collective investment decisions. Ultimately, we decide what to do with our money, right? Not defending or accusing TICN or anyone, but I thought that point was worth making.
    Also, I find this site rather dubious, full of accusations and finger pointing, but anonymously. How are we to know what is in it for the author of this site to attack TICN? Perhaps a competing system? If you are so sure of their wrongdoing, then why hide behind this page?
    I too am disappointed in the performance of our investment club, and in us who decided to follow what turned out to be bad advice against our better judgement. We, as a club, have decided to stay together and follow our own guidance and advice, to take responsibility for our funds and investments. There is no free lunch and if you think that some system or guru is going to make you rich, then you are naive. Our club has learned its lesson and now we are consolidating our losses and moving forward, using a system we still believe is basically sound.

  4. We’re sorry to hear about your losses, Paul. The purpose of this webpage is to help raise awareness about this campaign, to help fight fraud and assure that no more people will ever get financially hurt by TICN and its leaders Owen O’Malley & Ana Rodríguez García, Too many people suffered already, this simply must be stopped. Thank you for taking your time and sharing your experience with everyone. Very much appreciated.

  5. Hi Michael, great and valuable points by yourself, thank you for sharing.

    Maybe just a comment: when you mention that members of the club should be taking their own responsibility of their trades, the guess is that you guys are trading for little while now, or at least there is someone (apart from Owen) in your club who has some knowledge or experience in options trading?

    See, some clubs are start-ups where a group of complete beginners are put in one room, given big promises and dreams, all being guided by Owen and Ana. Non of these members know how to do options trading, most members have no trading experience at all. This is why they joined a club in a first place, after being told that apparently they will be guided by 'professionals'.

    Totally agree with you that we all should be taking our responsibility for our own money. Yet, in such environment, would it be right to say that everyone needs to know what they're are doing when it comes to trading?

    Trading is a profession, just like doctor, or any other, it takes years to master. It's a tough and risky one too. We wouldn't give a scalpel to someone from a street, and let them operate a person, would we?

    Yet, what TICN do is exactly the same – they put such people in one room, gives everyone a scalpel and says: "Now make your decision how will you be cutting the person apart, in a way so that this person will not only survive, but he will also comes out of this room stronger and better than ever. Anything you do wrong, and this person dies, its your responsibility."

    Chances are close to zero that anyone will walk out alive from that room, and those who will, they'd probably be needing a psychotherapy to be able to deal with stress they had to overcome.

    Furthermore, when one is joining TICN the impression is given that “all you have to do is just attend meetings and let professionals guide”. It is only when one joins, all of the sudden it’s, “you’re responsible for these investment decisions, not TICN”. This can be especially felt during periods when trades (all selected and brought to members by Owen and Ana!) start going wrong. How is that fair to anyone?

    Why would TICN do this to those innocent people? Well, its a no-brainer:

    Members come in, they bring in money, trades are placed, brokers are happy (now we know TICN gets % from money generated through TrackData as well). Then, if success is to happen, TICN takes 50%, and if disaster is to happen – what did TICN have to lose? Nothing, just a little time.

    Everyone else will die, those complete newbies will go nuts, they'll drop out, then everything will cool down, more newbies will come in, and same story all over again… its been going on for how many years now? Apparently, TICN once had 1,500 clubs, Owen proudly shared, where are these cubs now? Jeez, feeling sad for so many people to have suffered in a past, and this was not yet stopped…

    Also to say, you can rest assured, the purpose of this campaign is not to create something to benefit any competing systems. The campaign is to purely help fight fraud by raising awareness, and help prevent other people from losing money (so that TICN could earn money). Such irresponsible action can and it does wreck people's lives, so it will need to be stopped.

    To simply share this disastrous TICN experience, exactly as it happened and was experienced through our eyes (and pockets), that's the only reason. We have now put a disclaimed at a bottom of a page stating the same.

    Hope this clarifies.

    If there is anything we can help with, please do let us know.

  6. I agree partly with where you a coming from Michael however on the trip to NY in May I was witness to some very underhand programming and peer pressure. Of course, any investment manager or adviser is going to cover himself legally by having a standard disclaimer clause. That btw is the law. Its basically meaningless to all intents and purposes.

    The facts speak for themselves. There IS tremendous pressure to SELL NAKED PUTS. Indeed there is a mantra spoken over and over “IT’S FREE MONEY, folks ” though it was never said directly the inference is plain 1 “YOU ARE AN IDIOT NOT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE MARGIN” and 2 “DO IT NOW YOU ARE LOSING MONEY EVERY DAY BY NOT DOING IT” look at this clubs its up 85%. I believe we got seduced by the premiums. BBRY is classic example. There is a reason why the npreomium is so high – because it is a risky . Even now Own is still pushing BBRY even although his Bible: Value line has recommended getting out of it. did you know BBRY’s projected share price is now between $3-4 but it seems old habits die hard. He is still seducing members with those juicy premiums on it! It may indeed work for a while all I’m saying is be careful and have those stops in place. Oh that’s right MYTURD took that way!

    Owen has stated over and over in webinars and directly that you will make easy money selling the time decay, selling the volatility and that its a “NO BRAINER – folks” He even squashed me in public in front of the whole group in NY dismissing my questioning in a patronizing way for asking questions about the risky nature of it.

    I even have as proof of the risky trade suggestions, a text message picture that was sent to a ticn group outlining 10 stocks to sell puts on back in May. Of course its always appended with the words “VOTE ON” Of those 10 stocks exactly 5 were oil stocks (WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND SELL THAT PUTS in ONE INDUSTRY? Oh yes he “says” very occasionally balance your portfolio, but when it comes to real trade suggestions it totally out of wack.

    Owen O'Malley scam proof

    Of those suggestions all those oil stocks have dropped well below the strike prices in some case all the way down to $2-3 from a highs of $14 or so as oil prices collapsed. All thru the summer Owen kept advising holding on, rolling the puts forward and waiting for the inevitable recovery, he even said oil will recover to $90 by September on the advice of some “professional in the oil sector” I doubt these oil stocks will recover much if anything for several more years and some may even go out of business or be bought. Anyway the point is, it would have been better to buy back those puts a long time ago before they fell any more and with the buying power released, trade into other safer stocks. If that has been done many clubs would still be solvent and making money, but oh no! Owen just cannot abide realizing a paper loss and has it in his head that he can trade his way out of any position.

    That makes him a very dangerous advisor imho and people who still believe in him are risking their money in my view until they become better investors and can veto these suggestions. But of course most of these clubs have complete beginners in them just rubber stamping the trade suggestions and even the leaders don’t know enough.

    I consider myself one of the fortunate ones because I got out from these toxic underwater options (LINE>CHK<OAS SWN>) a few weeks before they bottomed out. Imagine if you had bought the puts back, say before they dropped 10%, and then waited a few weeks and sold some more (not that I’m recommending it seriously) you would have made all the money you lost on the first drop back again as the oil rebounded during the sucker rally. This btw is what sophisticated traders do: they have STOPS to minimize losses and then move into other trades which do make money.

    If ONLY Owen was one of those? But he isn’t – he is a imho a very simplistic and one dimensional trader. And imho I believe he has another agenda and doesn’t really care but that is another story

    The positives I have gotten out of this is he taught me (but not of his devising) how to become “risk on” trader by the mistakes that I made in June and July. I have also made several friends who have also moved away from TICN. So all is well – a wiser man.

  7. I live in Donegal in Ireland. Same happen to me in 2006/2007. Nothing you can do, he has conned over 20,000 people with his lies.

    Owen ans his wife Margaret are shameless, ruthless, heartless and pure greedy.

    Owen does not even trade the stock market.

    Owen believes his own lies.

  8. Hi Carmel, thanks for letting us know. Your comment supports the facts that we too gathered – whatever TICN and Owen O'Malley are doing to many people, its been going on for a long time now.

    The numbers mentioned are big, we don't have enough evidence to prove these (if anyone reading this can help here, please do contact us!), but we have no doubt it is quite possible. If to believe claims made by Owen, TICN once had 1,500 clubs, which would mean… many (too many) people lost their money.

    We really do hope that this campaign will create enough social awareness to finally bring these irresponsible, selfish financial actions to the end. We thank everyone for your participation.

  9. Hi there,
    I frequently have been checking TICN hoping that at long long long last,there would be a web site like this.
    What can we actually do? There is no joined up thinking and I have tried contact another person whom wanted to get after Owen and his TICN scam.
    I Joined a club in 2003 approx with 12 members and had a full 18 members and needless to say we lost 90% of our money in 2007. We never once made a profit at any time. If lucky we pulled back money but that was to cover 2/3rd s our losses at too late a stage. We all lost €3700 each plus €1000 administration fee.
    Owen was no where to be seen except at special talk show time venue….which was rare.
    All this is not surprising to you or other people on here but I just noticed a few things as treasurer…
    We set up our account in the Bank of Ireland.. We started to put €100 per member each month. That’s fair enough as the amounts put in are accounted for.However, when a member left the club early money did not come back through the Bank of Ireland account to pay the member because it did not show up on the bank statement. Is that a tell tale sign of the scam? Like to know.
    1.TICN is a teaching company not a stockbroker company so it does not have to have a licence.nor does is have to come under Irish Jurisdiction.
    2. Is My-track part of the SEC regulation standards? I dont think so.
    3. Why does nobody not challenge OWEN on what clubs made money in the past …..if any?
    4.Why hasn’t RTE, TV3 or Joe Duffy not being told about or not perused Owen? He has used these TV stations in the past.
    5.America is just as off shore as the Cayman Islands but that’s not how Owen would present this.
    Owen here is probably plying his trade around the world and I know that he is trying it on in Poland and Germany. I would suggest that the embassies be contacted to warn the countries of his arrival and of his TICN scam on an European level .
    Do you intend to have a meeting so that we can meet up for a petition or something.
    Like to hear from you,

  10. Very good and valuable points made by yourself, Patrick! Not only it gives us more options to look into, in order to help stop ongoing disastrous TICN activities, but it will also provide other visitors of this website with the same additional options too.

    We too found it difficult to believe, how come there was no such online campaign yet created, when so many people and clubs lost millions because of Owen and TICN during all of these years. Well, there wasn't anything like this campaign before, but now there is. We just wish anything like it was made available for us when we been doing our research about TICN, before joining…

    Having you guys, those who were involved with TICN as far as back in 2003, now finding this campaign and reaching out with your comments is a tremendous support. Thank you.

    To answer your question in regards to having a meeting: we can sure look into organising one. We have just send you an email.

    1. …yet, until this moment Owen O’Malley is preaching to the world that he knows what he is doing. Sad sad facts…

  11. I can give you a more detailed story of went on in our club with some old statements and such like.

    I’ll tell you more and why I did some of my project investigations on TICN back in 2010.
    Whilst the money lost of nearly €4000 per person was not a lot,it was a hurtful experience to me as there was intimidation, arrogance and bulling at our club by a least one club member.

    1. Thank you, Patrick. 40,000 EUR, 4,000 or 400… it is still money, and it is indeed hurtful to be losing any of it because of someone who uses your trust to satisfy appetite of their own needs. We look forward to connecting with you soon.

  12. Im sure Owen O’Malley is looking at this new site with concern and worry. I hope he does not go to ground or plant a spy in your new venture.

    Emailed you a newspaper article I received 3 yrs ago from some one else whom wanted to build a database on TICN victims.

    1. The screenshot you've shared is very very helpful, and appreciated, Patrick. Attaching it here, below this comment.

      Just one small issue – when downloading the file and zooming in we lose all text, as shift is little too small. If would be possible to re-take a screenshot from a closer distance so that we have a bigger size letters, not only we can read but we will also share it publicly for others to read it too. Absolutely invaluable, and much needed piece of information. Thank you.

      TICN Scam Review

  13. Hi. It wont copy a blown up image but will try later,
    You will have to look into CT Matters your self maybe.
    I was trying to source where that article came from. But no luck.

    1. Hi Patrick, it is fine, it will happen if its meant to happen! Thanks for giving it a try, appreciate it. Do let us know how you coping with Skype, or else as per your suggestion we can keep in touch through emails. If you think of anything to be shared to help with the campaign, it would be great to review that information. Bit by bit, collectively, we sure can achieve a lot.

  14. Hi. I see now where you are coming from in regards to the “CT matters” article being difficult to read as I just about made out 60% plus of the words printed when zoomed between 300% to 500%
    I typed all text already, will emailing you together with the direct link to the CT matters article attachment in the hope that the article will be more legible. The article was given to me well over 3 yrs ago by someone who investigates financial wrongdoings.

    1. You've typed it all in, Patrick?… Jeez… thank you sir!

      We’re including a link to a file here, downloadable as PDF. Your transcription with original, better readable copy inside:


      This was very helpful… its so surprising that many descriptions and words about The Investment Club Network & Owen O’Malley sound so similar to what's written on https://ticn-disaster.com/ ! These are pretty much same expressions telling very similar experiences we are getting about TICN now, just as people were saying the same years ago… unbelievable.

      The only question that remains: HOW on earth Owen was able to get away for so long? Its an obvious fraud and scam, we just cannot understand how come he was never stopped? We need to bring it to the end for sure, once and for all. And we believe we will now.

      At the end of that article it says 'please contact us' – are there any contact details?

  15. Hi there, i have not finished! HA HA!
    Always glad to be of help. and certainly to stick one on Owen and his associates in crime if possible.
    CT matters was a financial supplement I got from someone but I could not trace what paper it came from. Im not sure what the motive was for all this, as the guy stopped contacting me. He wanted to build up a website of people being scammed by TICN. Was the database of victims genuine or to have people for his own clubs?

    I must say that the whole experience for me in trying to get people to co-operate with me 4 yrs ago was impossible.I contacted to 2 members but got no response. I fell out with 2 members who were arrogant and high up in TICN so I would not contact them …still.

    I never knew it was a scam because:
    1. It did appear not to be so or to anybody else.
    2. We were supposed to print off a copy of our passport for trading security after September 911. That we did and this gave a false sense of security
    3. It was of course the good old u s of a and not St Andrews island.
    4. Remember he used from 2003 to 2005 the Irish Television and Radio stations to advertise and explain how TICN works. What could be wrong with TICN?????
    5. €4000 in fairness is not a lot for those who had well paying jobs and only fancied a flutter or a fast buck. Money in the Celtic Tiger was easy then.

    It was not until late September 2010 when I heard one evening by chance on the car radio that a scam took place in a Private Club (Not necessarily TICN’s) that a scam could be possible. How the scam worked in that club was that the leader was picking the poor performing companies and loosing money. It was discovered that he was in fact picking the good companies through another account but pretended otherwise! I felt there might a similarity between that club and our club so that’s when I checked TICN on you tube. Some one sent a comment that Ticn was a scam. I told my story to a relative of mine and to my amazement he also came up with the scam theory a month identical to and after the Radio Broadcast!
    I then proceeded to make investigations on my own imitative which led me to the points that i gave you on your web site.
    With all that in hand, in February 2012, I then went to an RTE journalist who deals in documentaries and investigations of this nature. I wont mention his name for now but he appeared genuine and a gentleman as journalists go.
    I told him of my club experience which I will tell you sometime and he did say he would look in to the matter …which he did. I did not hear from him since.
    Told my relative again about the journalist but he figured rightly again that RTE would not be bothered with it as a club fraud of €80000 would not be a lot compared to banking frauds in Ireland at the time.
    In July 2013 or 18 months later I met and recognized the journalist that I emailed and spoke to on TICN. He was please to meet me but sadly explained that he did look into the matter but tangible (accounting) proof would be needed to expose TICN. I could see his point as RTE could risk being sued by Owen for” liable” without tangible evidence. Also to mount a sting operation between Mytrack (TrackData now) and TICN in Ireland would be difficult if not impossible….
    I then rang Mytrack for our clubs trading accounts which they duly obliged and the companies traded seem to be in order…..I think.
    This should give you an idea of why Owen operates with little hassle but you are yourself doing a good job of exposing him.
    We’ll talk soon,

    1. Hi Patrick, the information you share is so valuable, and you reaching out, connecting, sharing your findings could be having a huge impact on bringing TICN and Owen to its justice. Happy you found us.

      Money is a very emotional thing, so maybe that’s why people might just don’t like to be speaking about their financial losses publicly. But we’re hoping that more of us can start speaking out, and tell our TICN story. That’s all we need, really – just find courage and share our story, exactly how it happened to us. The more people can connect, the more proof we can gather, the bigger the chances are we will be able to bring disastrous TICN activities to the end, once and for all. So much pain experienced by so many, it simply has to stop.

  16. Hi. I am happy to keep in contact with you and your associates and to help you in any way possible. I have given you most of the information that I can think of to hand, which I know you have appreciated.
    I have old Bank of Ireland statements in the attic somewhere and such like but whether or not that is important is another matter. I was the treasurer of our club for 3 of the 5 years. This was burdensome as you had to go to the bank to set up entries for new members,plus doing the administration accounts with club co-coordinator,for the club itself…..Costs of hotel rooms etc.
    I gladly handed it over to another member but still attended the meetings
    or 60% plus on average which what interested members would do.
    Members dropped off and rightly so as the club never took off…
    I could be wrong but looking back I suspected the coordinator and 2 other members of being in on the scam. Of course they likewise may have being caught out too……
    Have a nice week and best wishes for a new year!

    1. Thank you Patrick! These conversations are very helpful to us & visitors of this site, and much appreciated indeed.

      Happy new year and best wishes to you and your family too!

  17. Great! I would also like to know about what our main aim is….. Is there a chance to sting Owen and/or put one on Owen to get our money back or simply to expose him?
    I have just contacted the SEC in America telling them of the new Web site
    and of Owens continued carrying on’s with Mytrack operating in the USA and that it is simply not good enough. Hope to get a meaningful response from them. I contacted the Central Bank of Ireland which i did 3 years ago approx but I have to contact them by outlook express which I am unable to do.
    Any suggestions of alternative to outlook express?

    1. Hi Patrick, we do state on a website:

      “If we just do something little from our part, just a paragraph in commenting or social sharing… then who knows who this page will be reaching out there? It could be someone who is just so right for all of us! Not to only help stop lives of innocent people being financially wrecked again in future, but maybe to even claim some of those losses which we’ve encountered with TICN.”

      We really cannot know today what our actions will bring tomorrow. Some of us invested 10,000 EUR through TICN club(s), some of us invested over 25,000 EUR and received less than 10% back. On top of this, some of us invested a lot of money ($30,000+) through our own TrackData accounts, as Owen made us to believe its going to be so easy, all we will need to do is just follow what the club does, and we will make money (now we know why he is doing this – that’s because he is receiving a commissions from every trade that anyone recommended by him makes through TrackData http://www.trackdatasecurities.com/). With our personal accounts we were able to stop our losses little sooner.

      So to most of us, if we ever could claim any money from TICN it would be maybe just what we’ve invested through a club. Our personal accounts would be seen as our own responsibility. But will we ever be able to claim any money? We don’t know. And money is not our main motivation behind this campaign. We are simply taking our responsibility and doing what feels right (and what should have been done long ago) to discontinue these harmful, disastrous TICN activities, once and for all.

      You contacting SEC and Central Bank, is an absolutely brilliant idea. Full support to you!

      Some may say that it might be ‘not worth trying or bothering’, or simply forget and let more people get hurt in a future again, but there is one thing we’re very certain of – what Owen O’Malley is doing to hopeful newbie investors, so brutally hurting people is absolutely wrong. With positive actions & good intentions we sure can stop this.

      Thank you for all of your help.

  18. Thanks for this. Just one more thing, every club was different especially with the members and their behavior.
    Was there any member in your club whose behavior was strange and very Pro -Owen?
    The reason I’m asking is that our top 2 members were trained by Owen and may have being paid off by Owen. They never faulted the way the club was going ….Just theorizing for the moment and I could be wrong. I often find it hard to believe that Owen could do it all by himself as he was never present at our club. Then again, a gambling problem may have had a part to play in the situations and that could be the main reason for the behavior of 4 of our members…who wanted to meet for drinks after the club lost all our money!
    Im glad we getting a move on all this.

    1. Hi Patrick,

      Interesting you mention about Pro-Owen members… yes, we did have a couple such people in our club too. At first we could not understand why these guys are so over-positive about things, especially when our accounts were going down drastically with every single day.

      First, those couple members have only had invested 5,000 EUR each, so it was much easier for them to handle the losses VS those who invested 25,000 EUR.

      Secondly, and that’s something we only later found out – Owen promised them a part of TICN business, to be grown in their own country. We don’t know the details or what the offer was, but we do know that these guys were very new to trading and investment world, so to our understanding it was quite easy for Owen to sell his beautifully pictured story (he even bought flight tickets for one of them to get to MMCP seminar). Anyone who is experienced in trading and investing would never fall for such dangerous strategies especially when you yourself are experiencing 90% loss on your own account.

      Furthermore, that person will most likely will be inviting his/her own friends and families into a club, which they’re about to become leaders of. Its like writing a (financial) death sentence to yourself and your loved ones. Just a matter of time, from what we came to learn and experience.

  19. good afternoon.
    I was given details to this site by someone,
    who I do not know personally but we both have has a
    very bad experience with Mr Owen O’ Malley,
    who I understand to be the Chief Executive of an investment group called TICN.

    My issue is that I was a member of TICN
    and like most , if not all investors , that I am aware of
    lost repeatedly on share or share related product trading
    operating strategies promoted by Owen O’ Malley
    and his team.
    So , to provide myself a fool, and him a wise man ,
    I approached Owen O’ Malley and asked him to manage a pool of
    money on behalf of myself and my business colleague.
    I met Owen O’ Malley in Dublin in July, 2009.
    to agree a contract and terms of trading on an account to be set up
    and funded by the two investors
    with the investors to take :
    the first 10% of profits fully and the balance to be split 50/50
    between O’ Malley and the investors.
    The contract was oral as he refused to sign a draft contract
    prepared by myself.
    We opened a MYTRACK trading account in USA
    lodged a sizeable amount of money into a joint trading account
    and the first trade was done by Owen O’Malley over conference call
    in August 2009.
    The initial trade BY HIM was the purchase for $70000 of
    a put in a US company called GE. – 12/8/2009 .
    A put is a financial option which increases / decreases
    in the exact opposite direct to which the share
    price moves.
    Unfortunately , the share price in GE went in exactly the opposite direct to
    that anticipated by O’ Malley and was eventually sold
    for $37848 on 6/5/2010.
    That was the first of a number of specific trades
    that went seriously wrong , others being in NOKIA and CSCO.
    Despite both investors meeting him
    in April 2010 , no resolution was reached.
    My experience of O’Malley is that every time he anticipated
    a share to rise , the exact opposite happened and his solution then
    was ” to be patient”.
    That strategy proved to be a very costly one from
    our investment viewpoint.
    ALL communications with him were either by phone
    or mobile with a weekly conference call being the norm.
    The last trades with his involvement were July 2011
    in a share called CSCO.

    Thereafter , the relationship ceased and based
    on my solicitor’s advice – which may or may not be correct ,
    a decision was taken not to sue O’Malley.

    As well as trading the account , he acted as financial advisor
    during that period.
    However , as with the initial contract , he refused to sign any document
    and said that when profit would be made an instruction would be given
    as where to transfer his % of same.

    I am not sure how many others have entered such an arrangement with him
    but I am sure there are some and , it is my understanding
    that the outcome was similar in all cases.

    Whereas the group , TICN , continues to trade and offer courses,
    it is clear to me also that it offers advice and in particular cases
    trades client funds for as long as the relationship lasts.

    I am not sure what you can do to help
    but my experience of him is that he is not
    the whiz-kid he promotes himself to be
    and that he is promoting financial products
    with very high risk levels and a significant – at least 50% chance
    that one will lose some or all of one’s money in a very
    short period .
    If the investors sold win- win products
    know where they were heading , under no circumstances
    would most ever has touched such products,
    which , inevitably , had sad endings of sizeable proportions
    in most cases.

    1. Hi Joseph, so you’re reaching out to us with TICN experience from the year 2009…

      What you said “My experience of O’Malley is that every time he anticipated a share to rise, the exact opposite happened and his solution then as ‘to be patient”, is EXACTLY what we too experienced in late 2015.

      Not much changed since, with this man still calling himself ‘long-term investor’, huh? Getting everyone’s money, picking all wrong choices, then playing the ‘patience’ game, seems, all mr. Madoff O’Malley is able to do. For how much longer?

      Thanks for reaching out, and your really valuable experience sharing with us! Appreciate your support.

  20. I just want yet again to reiterate several things in my opinion about Ticn in light of the ever increasing sad experiences being posted here and on Facebook about Ticn:

    1) it is apparent to me that this fraud has been happening for a very long time
    2) new victims are being recruited all the time
    3) the new recruits are being programmed in a systematic way which uses several very powerful hypnotic techniques which undermine critical reasoning faculties much like a religious cult
    4) I believe owen is deliberately aware of what he is doing but simply does not care or at best has himself convinced he is doing good
    5) his recruitment technique have expanded in 2015 and he has found a new area to recruit in namely the Latin and South American countries which if one understands the cultures are much easier to recruit in because of the people’s reactions to gurus.
    6) he is positioned Ticn in the direction of the “self improvement” culture and is programming his members in that whole “positive energy” vibration where everything is about “going for it” and creating businesses a la “Tony Robbins” and all those “get rich quick” seminars, symposiums, and conferences which incidentally will cost you 1000’s of dollars to attend. Of course very few of the teachers actually have made money using their own advice. They make money telling you how to make money which is of course their whole bisness model.
    7) it is very obvious that this increased awareness about what is really going on at Ticn is going to make future recruits pause before they throw away 1000s of dollars in Owens bank account via his friends at Mytrack. At least that is my hope.

    I expect once the Ticn name is tarnished beyond repair, owen will fold the company or rename and it will resurrect itself under another guise? Just like many other scams before it.

    1. Thanks for yet another helpful comment, Paul. Good points made, as always. Owen might going to be able to change the name of the company, but will he ever be able to change his name? Anything that’s associated with this name is to be considered a scam and fraud from now on. Anyone to go in partnerships with him, will be viewed as the same. The more we can bring this into the public, the less chances of hiding there will be. Same as it happened to real (US-based) Madoff… who would do any business with that name now?

  21. Dear site administrator,
    your website re TICN and Maddof O’Malley has been highlighted recently.

    You are dealing with what has been described to me as a ‘financial pedophyle’ in O’ Malley.
    He essentially targets innocent people to determine how much finances they either have or
    have access to. Once he has determined this he effectively grooms them for his own gains.
    He is ruthless and dangerous and has been getting away with this for years under the
    camouflage of supposedly legitimate companies.

    Many individuals have tried to expose O’ Malley, but none in a public forum such as you are creating.

    Regards for now.

    1. Here we go, we now got yet another colourful name for mr. Madoff O’Malley… ‘financial pedophyle’! Just keeps getting better…

      Thank you Alistair, for reaching out and for your support. Appreciate it.

      Together, we sure can achieve more, and bring TICN to it’s justice, once and for all.

      No more ripping off innocent people & hopeful investors.


  22. Hi,

    A message from TICN Ex-Members with the latest update on social TICN-Disaster campaign.

    Feel free to copy / paste and circulate these contents among everyone you know that might benefit from it, to whoever was involved with TICN, and suffered.



    Ticn-Disaster.com Website

    Site now seems to be found more and more often, by people from all over the world. Below is a screenshot showing latest website visits.

    Great comments onsite too:


    Ex-members reaching out from as far as 2003. Really helpful and valuable comments, some – eye opening.

    Speaking characters of TICN Ex-Members were too added onsite, which adds more engagement & liveliness to it.


    Facebook & Twitter



    Regular commenting, posting, sharing, re-tweeting is taking place on these social sites. Many visitors are finding out about ticn-disaster campaign through these mediums.

    How helpful it is? Not only it directs people to a place (ticn-disaster.com) where they can find a full story about what TICN are really doing to people, but it also provides them with an opportunity to connect, and seek out for help.

    It is going viral now, slowly but surely.



    TICN Ex-Members YouTube channel was created, and some videos added:


    Over few thousand views so far, likes and subscriptions. Seems to be getting popular.


    Internet / Google

    Campaign can now be found on Google as well. Anyone typing in keywords such as 'ticn', 'ticn scam', 'ticn owen omalley', should be able to find us either through Google Search, in Images or Videos. So TICN scam is 'incognito' no more.


    T. Robbins Event in Dublin

    We also contacted T Robbins organisation (several times) to inform about disastrous TICN activities.

    Someone we know went to the actual event in Dublin and helped to distribute flyers in that place, to help raise awareness.

    Here is a copy of the flyer. Feel free to download in case you might want to use it somewhere else. 

    NOTE: What's interesting to note, is that on the day of the event visitor traffic to ticn-disaster.com jumped up (as per Analytics screenshot below), means flyer distribution worked well indeed.

    Every little bit individually we can do, it sure helps to add up.


    TICN Ex-Members Reaching Out

    We're now getting people regularly reaching out and contacting us on [email protected]. Full support from you guys, it's been very helpful.

    Even though some of those contents / articles shared with us are 5-10 years old, but surprisingly most of those facts and experiences sound so similar to what we all have experienced, and how it was put up on ticn-disaster.com site.


    More Materials Shared With Us

    We're building solid evidence, big time now!

    New important facts and information getting discovered, as told by other ex-TICN members from a past. Unbelievable details and fact, about how TICN and Owen have been operating and conning people from all around the world. All this proof will sure help should we take the campaign a step further and into legal matters.



    If you too have ANY proof to support the case, or for your any questions, please email to [email protected]


    Thank you everyone for all of your support!

    TICN Ex-Members


  23. Here is another file shared with us exposing facts about fraud activities by TICN Ltd and Owen O'Malley. The file can be downloaded by clicking on it (opens in a new window) or right-click over the image and Save As.

    PS: what's interesting to see is that Scheming, Crafty, Aggressive, Malicious image used in this file back in 2010, is the same image we too somehow picked up from many for this online campaign… 5 years later! This brings us in perfect sync.


  24. Hi,
    Glad to see that the web site is gathering momentum by the day.
    I was amazed at how Ana Roudriguez and Owen are putting out many you tube TICN videos with great determination.
    I just looked up one of his videos called “enjoying the limo-TICN trip 2015.
    Looks like Owen and Ana are enjoying the trapping of their un-godly gains at our expense still.
    Hopefully our campaign can be quickly effictive,

  25. Dear ex-members of TICN,

    Following continues scheming, crafty and aggressive TICN activities, guided by mr. Owen O'Malley (or today referred to as 'The Irish Madoff'), the time has come for actions to be taken.

    As you may or may not know, https://ticn-disaster.com/ was recently created:

    Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or simply type in 'ticn scam' into Google – you are now able to find 'Help Fight TICN Fraud' campaign on all these online mediums. More and more people are reaching out to us, as a result.

    We feel a time now is right for TICN ex-members to meet up in a physical location as well, to discuss the matters most  important to us.

    We certainly know what the agenda would be about, but it seems that Owen feels he is impervious to anything himself. He is still very active promoting his disastrous business, and we all know where it all leads to. This simply must stop.

    We're not suggesting many meet-ups, but this first ever offline meeting could be a foundation to discuss ideas and stay in touch later on.

    Location & Dates
    The location:



    There is Red Cow Inn pub in same area as hotel, the suggested meet-up place is that pub.
    The dates:
    – Saturday 9th of April, at 1pm as our main date, or
    – Friday 15th of April as our secondary date.
    (feel free to suggest which one out of these two is a better date/time for you)
    Someone from Dublin is organizing this event, we would provide everyone who responds with a mobile number to call and email address to get in touch with.

    We kindly invite everyone who's open to participate in this anti-scam campaign, and help brainstorm the ideas.

    We don't know what our chances are today, but since now we're collecting more and more evidence (dating 10 years back) about what TICN and Owen O'Malley are really doing to innocent, hopeful investors, mainly newbies to the investment world, we're willing to take actions and see how far together we can take this to. Then who knows, we might even going to be able to claim our losses back too? If we don't try, we'll never find out!

    Please contact us on [email protected] for further details.
    Best regards,

    TICN Ex-Members

    Helping Fight Fraud

  26. just one question, why is everybody hiding and not giving his own names, like

    Also all videos are make with puppies and fake voices, why? You want to share something, claiming that it is true, but are afraid to show your real name? If this are the facts for real, just reveal yourself, pointing without saying your name is easy…..

    the webpage has not read contact data, the domain is registered under …… also PROTECTED in order nobody to be able to see the identity of the person which made this page…..i wonder why

    i challenge you, if this all is true, reveal yourself!

    1. Hi Oli,

      Thanks for reaching out and expressing your concerns.

      Did you have a chance to read through all comments available here? Real people who got scammed by TICN not only recently, but more than 10 years ago as well, have reached out and shared their experience.

      Together with statements from our accounts (which, surely, you will agree, these cannot be faked), is this evidence not enough for you?

      May we ask, what is the motive behind your ‘challenge’?

      Are you currently looking to join TICN? Or are you a member with TICN already? And have been for a while?

      If you have been a member for a while, then you should know more than anybody else, how real everything we shared about here is. EVERYONE lost money with TICN, not just recently, as this is continuing for a long time now.

      And if you’re looking to join TICN, but you don’t believe that our report is genuine, then we can suggest you go ahead and join, why bother with challenges? Give it a year or so, and you will find the truth at your own expense. If you’re to join TICN at a wrong time, like we did, you will not even need a year, couple weeks or months should be more than enough to experience that (financially and health-wise painful) madness in your own life.

      Too, feel free to introduce and share more about yourself. Is Oli your real name? No surname? We can see that email address you used to comment here reveals no information about your identity either.


  27. I saw an ad for ticn back in 2002 and became curious. I took the course and was intrigued by how easy it all seemed and invested €40k personally and started 2 clubs. It did not take long to figure out it was just a scam of the highest order. Owen whom I came to know personally approached me to become an investor in ticn all I had to do was put up a million euro and we would go from there. It might seem ridiculous right now but I came so close to signing that check. Luckily for me I met with the board of ticn that was in place at the time in Donegal and there was this one member that was a bank manager at the time whom I trusted I called him a couple of days later to ask his advice and he told me to run a mile. Which I did.
    Obviously the clubs are now defunct with all money lost one of the stocks that our clubs had invested in heavily was “OCA” which was also a scam company that was involved in orthodontics. it went bankrupt and the CFO was sent to prison. Months later I was driving and listening to the radio and who did I hear promoting ticn but Owen O Malley and I kid you not his stock tip of the day was OCA. You couldn’t make it up.

    1. Hi John, thank you so much for sharing your experience. Scary it is, the way this company has been operating…. shocking.

  28. I couldn’t but reply to your disaster website as I got ripped off as well and even went to the USA on a trip to the Chicago board of options,

    But in particular I remember the first night I went to nenagh co Tipperary and Owen was on about selling options and he even went as far to say you can rent out your shares for a monthly premium? Such rubbish talk , but anyway,
    I said that you could just invest in a company like Philip Morris and leave your money in there and he got really annoyed, but he then didn’t want to show his anger so he involved me in the conversation and would turn to me and say what do you think Larry

    But anyway if I invested all the course money in Philip Morris I’d have made serious money as investing is really simple but the likes of Owen complicates it to fraud the likes of you and me ?

    I must tell you a story of when we went to Chicago I bought a book and saw this joke on it and I told it to Owen implying he was the character in the joke?
    Anyway here’s the joke

    A knock comes to the door late one night the man of the house answers it and the man outside says I’m the Boston strangler and the man says one minute and goes back inside and says to the Wife it’s for you Dear ? I was implying to Owen he was like the man who sent his wife out to the Boston strangler ??? The wife being every one who signed up for TICN ?

    Anyway I just remember the first feeling when I met Owen and I said I didn’t like him and you’re feelings never lie but if you ignore your feelings you are in trouble,,

    1. Thank you so much, Larry for sharing your experience with us. Glad you found our site and hope that the people who looking to join TICN will also find it and read your guys comments before joining them…

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